A Stand Up Guy
Season 2, Episode 3
Air date January 26, 2011
Directed by Steve Scaini
Written by Perry Chafe
Production No. 203
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Popeye Doyle
The Son Also Rises
A Stand Up Guy is the third episode of season 2 and the fifteenth episode of the series.


The Doyles are employed to help a comedian on the edge of a comeback find a dangerous stalker; Leslie defines the boundaries for the men in her life, including Jake; Allison reveals something to Jake that could be a game-changer.




  • Jake: Let's go out. Seriously.
    Allison: That's it? That's your pitch?
    Jake: Yeah.
    Allison: Does that usually work for you?
    Jake: Nope.
    Allison: Well, you keep trying. Practice makes perfect.
  • Allison: So, you take me to a dinner where your ex-wife is trying to set you up with another woman.
    Jake: Sorry about that.
    Allison: It's a hell of a first date.
    Jake: I'm a classy guy, what can I say?


"Spanish Stroll" performed by Mink DeVille

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