Charlotte Beerman
Biographical Information
Family Victor Beerman (Wife)
Keith Beerman (Son)
Status Alive
Behind the Scenes
First appearance The Return of the Grievous Angel
Last appearance The Return of the Grievous Angel
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Portrayed by Shauna MacDonald

Charlotte Beerman is the wife of Victor Beerman and the mother of Keith Beerman. Due to some of her dialogue, it appears that she was aware of her husband's criminal past. She was also aware that Lisa Knight, the daughter of Victor's former partner-in-crime Bill Gorski, was extorting him for her father's share of the loot from a robbery back in the 1980s that resulted in the death of a young girl.

However, she finds the bag of money meant for Lisa in the garage, and becomes irate, throwing the money throughout the house demanding to know why Victor didn't pay her. Victor exclaims that he did pay her, and doesn't know why the money is there.

Then, Charlotte and Victor's son confesses to murdering Lisa and taking back the money, admitting that he followed Lisa after her meeting with his father. He believed her to be his sister but, upon speaking to her, she proclaims that Victor will soon be going to jail for a long time, as she will reveal that he was the one who killed the girl during the 1980s robbery. To protect his father, Keith strikes Lisa with his skateboard, but the single blow kills her instantly. He stashed her body in her trunk and fled the scene.

After his confession, both Victor and Keith are taken away by police.