Jody Redmond
Biographical Information
Family Des Courtney (Son)
Status Alive (Incarcerated)
Behind the Scenes
First appearance Will the Real Des Courtney Please Stand Up?
Last appearance Live Wire
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Portrayed by Ted Dykstra (first appearance, later revealed to actually be Jody's cellmate)

Michael Healey (second appearance)

Jody Redmond is a former bank robber and the biological father of Des Courtney. After a string of robberies, Jody was arrested and sentenced to 15 years in prison around the time Des was 6. Since then, Des changed his surname and hasn't visited him. However, at the end of the episode Will the Real Des Courtney Please Stand Up? Des agrees to go and visit him.

In Live Wire, Jody is released from prison, but is soon forced into doing one last job to clear an old debt to Lionel Harris. Lionel kidnaps Des, forcing Jody and the Doyle's to complete the job to get Des back. When Lionel is arrested, Jody has to return to prison due to his role in the theft of diplomatic crates and a closer bond between Jody and Des is forged.