Leslie Bennett
Leslie season 5
Biographical Information
Family James Bennett [father]

Beth-Ann Bennett [sister]

Affiliations Royal Newfoundland Constabulary
Status Alive
Behind the Scenes
First appearance Fathers and Sons
Last appearance "Last Call"
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Portrayed by Krystin Pellerin

Leslie Bennett, is a Constable (later Sergeant) in the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary. She is also a main character in the series and the primary love interest of Jake Doyle.

Season 1Edit

Early in season one she is portrayed as being more by-the-book but in Duchess of George she is seen intoxicated to the point that Jake must take her to his house. The two start to kiss but Jake stops it because he is not drunk.

Later, when Christian comes home, the two flirt. However, Leslie checks Christian out and finds out that he is Jake's brother, at which point she stops.

Season 2Edit

In season two, Leslie is seen to be in a relationship with the Mayor, William Clarke. Unfortunately, throughout the relationship, she finds out unnerving things about the Mayor and, even though she is happy to be with him, believes that he is dirty. This reaches a climax in the episode St. John's Town when she is forced to arrest him for fraud. An investigation is started on Leslie and it is looking bad.

Season 3Edit

She is working as a traffic cop for a couple of episodes. Leslie ends up a sergeant a little later and hates Jake with all of her being.

Season 4Edit

In season four, Leslie and Jake begin their relationship again, continuing on for the entire season as lovers.(However in episode 7 In Brigus Leslie states Jake as her "Boyfriend" offically making their relationship public.)

Season 5Edit

Leslie is in trouble at the end of season 5 of Repubulic of Doyle. What will happen to Leslie: will someone save or will she die? What will happen to her? Will Jake Doyle save her again?

Season 6 Edit

In the start of season 6, Jake Doyle is stuck in Her Majesty's while Leslie is fighting for her life in a coma. As the season progresses and Jake's hearing coming closer loose ends start to tie up as the series comes to a dramatic close.

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