Lisa Knight
Biographical Information
Family Bill Gorski (Father)
Status Deceased
Behind the Scenes
First appearance The Return of the Grievous Angel
Last appearance The Return of the Grievous Angel
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Portrayed by Lara Jean Chorostecki

Lisa Knight comes to Jake and Mal Doyle claiming to be searching for her long lost father, known only as "Turk". Also, unbeknownst to the Doyles, she is working under a false name, calling herself "Emma Michaeltree".

Lisa goes to Jake and Malachy Doyle under the name "Emma Michaeltree", and claims that Victor is her estranged father. Jake and Mal confront Victor, but he doesn't know what they're talking about. Upon telling "Emma" that he denied everything, they give her his name and address.

She ends up confronting him, revealing her true identity and the identity of her father, Bill. Victor agrees to pay her the money, and gives her Bill's share during a meeting. However, Victor's son, Keith, followed Lisa after her meeting with his father. He believed her to be his sister but, upon speaking to her, she proclaims that Victor will soon be going to jail for a long time, as she will reveal that he was the one who killed the girl during the 1980s robbery. To protect his father, Keith strikes Lisa with his skateboard, but the single blow kills her instantly. He stashed her body in her trunk and fled the scene.

Upon hearing of his daughter's death, Bill attacks the Beermans' residence. Victor denies killing Lisa, and claims to have given her the money. Just then, sirens are heard and Bill attempts to flee, but trips on a skateboard and knocks himself out. Afterwords, Keith confesses to the murder and both Keith and Victor are taken away by police.