Maurice Becker
Maurice Becker
Biographical Information
Family Karen Becker (niece)
Affiliations Jake Doyle (enemy)
Status Alive
Behind the Scenes
First appearance Hit and Rum
Last appearance What Doesn't Kill You
Appears in 7 Episodes
Portrayed by Gordon Pinsent
Maurice Becker is a former rum suggler and crime boss. He also is Jake's arch enemy.


In Hit and Rum, he gets a visit from Jake and Malachy Doyle about his smuggling operation in Newfoundland. When he catches the Doyle in the act, he is betrayed by his niece Karen Becker and the Doyles bring him back to Newfoundland where he is arrested.

In Popeye Doyle, Maurice has influence in the prision and uses it control the phones and gets men to beat up on Jake.


Season 1Edit

Season 2Edit

Season 3Edit

Season 4Edit

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