Republic of Doyle S04E09
Season 4, Episode 9
Air date March 31, 2013
Directed by Brad Peyton
Written by Allan Hawco & Bonnie Fairweather
Production No. 409
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Gimme Shelter
Retribution is the ninth episode of season 4 and the forty-seventh episode of the series.


When Jake is kidnapped and nearly burned alive, he escapes and teams up with Mal to track down his would-be killers and make sense of the whispers that a mysterious "boss" is behind the plot; Monica builds a case against Jake and ropes Tinny into it.


Tinny is graduating from police academy, and Jake is nowhere to be found. At the same time, we see Jake tied up in a warehouse with three masked people. The 'leader' is pouring gas on him, claiming that he can identify them to the cops and must die. After Jake finds out his name and taunts him, the man pours a line of gas out the door, lights it and they leave.

Meanwhile, in a short scene at the police station, we find out that Monica is still putting together some kind of investigation/case against Jake for a still unknown reason.

Jake manages to free himself from his bindings just before the explosion, barely escaping with his life. Afterward, Jake calls Rose, telling her what happened and getting the ball rolling on finding out who his attackers are. Malachy finds out the situation, and starts helping Jake with the investigation.

Jake and Malachy find the leader, Wallace, and confront him at an auto-shop but Monica shows up before they get the information they're looking for. Monica arrests them on suspicion of murder when Wallace's car blows up just as Jake says, "I'm going to kill you, Wally!"

Leslie realizes the vendetta that Monica seems to have, and confronts her. Monica says that she doesn't like that Jake doesn't play by the rules and feels like he can do what he wants. Leslie warns her against continuing in the direction she's heading.



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