Richard Mulvaney
Biographical Information
Family Unnamed child
Status Alive
Behind the Scenes
First appearance The Return of the Grievous Angel
Last appearance The Return of the Grievous Angel
Appears in {{{appears in}}}
Portrayed by Brian Griffin

Richard Mulvaney is a small business owner, referred to as "Deadbeat Dick" by Jake Doyle. In the beginning of the episode The Return of the Grievous Angel, Jake must serve Richard for not paying child support. Jake approaches Richard, who is busy verbally abusing his employees, but Richard sees the papers and makes a run for it, forcing Jake to chase after him. Mal then enters the building and casually follows the two.

Jake then corners Richard, who begins to throw things at Jake. After running out of things to throw, Richard puts up his fists and tells Jake to fight him. Jake complies, and tackles him down to the ground. After Jake wrestles Richard off of him, Mal throws the papers on Richard and tells him to consider himself served.

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