Tinny Doyle
Tinny season 5
Biographical Information
Family Kathleen Doyle (Mother)
Kevin Crocker (Father)
Des Courtney (Husband)
Malachy Doyle (Grandfather)
Mary Ann Doyle (Grandmother †)
Rose Miller (Step-Grandmother)
Christian Doyle (Uncle)
Jake Doyle (Uncle)
Sloan Daniels (Temporarily thought to be her cousin until she revealed to Jake Doyle that she really wasn't his daughter)
Nikki Renholds (Former Aunt)
Affiliations Doyle & Doyle
Status Alive
Behind the Scenes
First appearance Fathers and Sons
Last appearance Last Call
Appears in {{{appears in}}}
Portrayed by Marthe Bernard

Katrina "Tinny" Doyle is the daughter of Kathleen Doyle and Kevin Crocker. She is the rebellious granddaughter of Mal and Rose Doyle and Jake Doyle's niece.


Early LifeEdit

Tinny was born in St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. Not much else is known about Tinny's childhood. However, during the episode Fathers and Sons, Tinny is still in high school. Her mother, Kathleen, went out west to work, leaving Tinny in the care of Mal and Rose. Both Mal and Jake are extremely protective of her.

Season 1Edit

In Fathers and Sons, Tinny is first seen at home taking a sick day for what she claims is 'woman problems'. It's apparent that she and Rose don't get along, though Rose tries very hard to reach the rebellious, angry Tinny.

Later in the first season, Tinny unexpectedly moves out without informing Rose, Mal or Jake; she attempts to talk to them about her leaving, and subsequently moving in with her boyfriend, but various case-related and personal matters get in the way.

Gallery Edit

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