Will the Real Des Courtney Please Stand Up?
Season Two, Episode Nine
Air date 9 March 2011
Directed by Keith Samples
Written by Greg Nelson
Production No. 209
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Sympathy for the Devil
The Special Detective

Will the Real Des Courtney Please Stand Up? is the ninth episode in the second season and the twenty-first in the series.


When Des finds himself in a very bizarre and compromising position, the Doyle clan works overtime to get him off the hook; Jake meets someone who has been complicating Allison's life; Tinny and Des start coming to terms with their feelings for each other.



  • Jake: You are in a lot of trouble. Honestly, I am trying to help you, so you have to think. Think you can do that?
    Des: Okay.
    Jake: Think.
    Des: Wait, wait, wait! Men, men... naked men. A bunch of naked men... everywhere.
    Jake: What?
    Walter: Hey, don't judge.
  • Jake: Any ideas about this phone? I just need a password.
    Tinny: Try 'Tinny'.
    Jake: That worked, actually.
  • Mal: Here, kid, just wait a minute. Come here!
    Jake: Dad, Dad! Just let him go.
    Mal: What's the matter with you?
    Jake: What? Oh! I planted a GPS in his knapsack.
    Mal: Oh good. I thought you were losing it there.
  • Jake: Des, or whatever your real name is... you know what? I don't even care what your real name is.
    Mal: Me neither.
    Jake: You know what? I want you to move out of that house, right away, that's an order.
    Des: Yes, sir.
    Mal: Oh lord, that means he's going to be moving in with us.
    Jake: Yup, cause he's definitely not moving in with me.


"Another One Bites the Dust" (1980) by Queen.

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